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We Create The Impossible

Guitars are more than an instrument, they are art. At our Montana shop each guitar is made by hand by our family to yours to own and cherish. Not just for you, its current owner, but for generations to come!


  • Our base model classic, handmade in Montana


For discerning players looking for their own personal specs and aesthetic options. Putting our minds together we can build a guitar that will inspire for generations.



These guitars feature the most creative designs, rarest appointments and intricacies. These instruments are more than a guitar, they are functional pieces of art created to last generations.

How the Pirate Guitar for Johnny Depp came about was from watching the 1 st movie with my wife. In the scene when Ms. Swan and Captain Jack are sitting on the beach and he said “That’s what a ship is, you know. A ship is not just a keel, hull, deck, and sails…. That’s what a ship needs. What a ship is, what the Black Pearl really is ….. is freedom.” 

I thought that sounded to me like a guitar…. it’s not just at top, back, sides with a neck and some strings, that’s what a guitar needs…. What a guitar really is….. is Freedom. Freedom that will take you wherever you want to go…

Made By Hand

From inlays to the carved heels each guitar is made carefully and to our customer’s exact needs.

Let’s Talk!

We love designing guitars with our customers. Create your dream guitar today with us

"Montanas Rivers Masterpiece"

Available Soon

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