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Five Decades of Exquisite Style

At Ren Ferguson Co., we create heirloom-quality functional art in the form of stringed musical instruments utilizing the recipes that Ren developed over his lifetime, becoming a Master Luthier. The combination of the best tonewoods available and the finest materials enable us to create instruments characterized by exceptional sound, beauty, and quality.

The shop is located in the heart of the Gallatin Valley in Belgrade, Montana. Ren Ferguson, along with his son Timothy and daughter Virginia, are working together to continue the legacy that Ren has contributed to the stringed instrument industry.

Ren's passion and creativity have culminated in this rare opportunity to share his legacy and “recipes” with the world, and that is exactly what we are doing and what we intend to continue to do.

Our History

Our Family

Ren Ferguson

Ren’s passion for instrument building began in high school shop class while building a banjo for his brother Robin. His journey in learning that there is a relationship between fine craftsmanship and achieving the best possible sound had begun. He continued honing these skills while working for the music store Westchester Music as a repairman and salesman in Los Angeles. 

At about this time, the American government gave Ren the opportunity to take a cruise around the South Pacific for a few years. Upon returning home to California, he established Ferguson Guitars and built many acoustic and electric guitars and banjos before answering a call to the mountains and valleys of Montana.

While working in Montana with some very talented craftsmen at Flatiron Mandolin, Ren was hired by Gibson Guitar to oversee the design and management of their acoustic guitar factory that was being established in Bozeman Montana.  Ren additionally served as the head of the Custom Acoustic Division and through his time with Gibson, he gained the recognition as one of the finest Master Luthiers in the world.

Ren eventually retired from Gibson and was hired by Fender to be their Chief Acoustic Engineer and Production Manager in New Hartford, Connecticut. After years of refining and developing those brands, his contract was sold along with the Guild Company to the Cordoba Music Group. As VP of R&D and Manufacturing his skills and knowledge were imperative to guiding the design of their newly acquired acoustic guitar factory that was intended to be built in Oxnard, California. He and his wife Renee moved to Oxnard along with son Timothy for three years, before returning to Montana in 2017. In 2019 Ren asked Timothy to move home to Montana to assist in resurrecting the Ferguson Guitars brand and develop it into what it is today: the Ren Ferguson Co. Today, Ren is spending the majority of his time working hands-on in the shop with Timothy and Virginia on each instrument and directly working with every customer he builds for. 

Timothy Ferguson

Timothy’s passion erupted after attending the 2002 NAMM with Ren, his brother Mathew and sister Robin. At that show, he and Robin had many unique experiences where people would come up to them to inquire if they were Ren Ferguson’s kids: “Is he here!?” “Well, yeah, at the Gibson Booth.” “Is he signing autographs?” And then, the most precious people would overflow with stories about how “this one time” they met our dad and after speaking with him a substantial bottleneck in their business was removed. How their company has grown to offer opportunities to provide more builders to be part of their process and have grown deeply from that experience. This event sparked Timothy’s desire to help his father preserve his contributions to the guitar industry. In 2005 Timothy began an apprenticeship with his father and worked as an inlay subcontractor for Gibson Guitar for the acoustics. Timothy also created ukuleles at this time and continued building them through 2017.

In 2014 Timothy received a phone call from his Dad, as Ren was working at the time for the newly-acquired Guild Guitars in Oxnard, California. When the Cordoba Music Group made the purchase of Guild, they did it with the agreement that Ren’s guidance would bring them through the creation of a new manufacturing facility in southern California. He called to ask Tim to make a three-week visit to the new facilities, to build the tooling and to get them moving along. Six Months later, Tim returned to building ukuleles again. He stayed in his new surroundings in the Oxnard area for a few years before returning to Montana to re-establish the Ren Ferguson Co. brand.

Virginia Ferguson

Virginia has always been fascinated by her father’s creative abilities and has had vast opportunities to shadow him in the shop throughout her childhood. Ren and Virginia have shared a special bond throughout her lifetime, spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, painting and being creative in the shop. When Ren was not traveling on business trips, Virginia would spend time with him in the shop. Many days spent reading the Harry Potter books while he created the Pirates Guitar for Johnny. She spent countless hours watching or mimicking him, anything to just spend time together. He was always willing to set up a station for Virginia to cut shell, practice engraving or to clean freshly engraved tuning buttons, etc. Going to business dinners and the rare opportunity to accompany her father on international business trips were instrumental in molding her desire to work alongside her father one day. Virginia remained in Montana and met her husband while working in Big Sky, Mt; together they have one wonderful son and a German Shepherd. Joining the team full-time in May of 2023, she is spending her time hands-on in the shop with Ren and Timothy, as well as managing the office. Virginia adds a dynamic set of skills to the team and is soaking up every opportunity to learn from her father and brother. She feels it is a true honor to work alongside her family and is striving to make the most of this time and opportunity.



Ren Ferguson Co. LLC are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, to the original purchaser for as long as they own the instrument. The warranty is non-transferable. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of any part found to be defective and not for the replacement of the instrument. This warranty does not cover the following: wear and tear from normal use or any damage as a result of misuse, abuse, or unauthorized modifications or changes to the instrument, accidents, improper maintenance, exposure to excessive climate conditions, i.e. temperature and humidity or other conditions.

Ren Ferguson Co. LLC uses the very finest finish materials, however age, climate conditions and normal use can sometimes result in finish checks and cracks. Finish cracking and checking are not covered by the warranty.

It is the responsibility of the owner to cover the costs of shipping and insurance to and from Ren Ferguson Co. LLC for authorized repairs.